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The Make-Up Book by Mktg Industry was chosen by Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetics

Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic, Italian brand leader in biological skin care and make-up products, after launching their own natural eye-shadows line, made of 27 outstanding mono-pan colors, is now introducing a real “Gift” dedicated to the most loyal and demanding customers: a new Palette with magnetic base to contain a selection of natural eyeshadows of the Eco Bio italian brand. For the launching campaign Alkemilla opted to bet on number 4. As a matter of fact, 4 is the number of godets that the new palette may contain, 4 is the number of the different graphics and fantasies you can choose from, 4 is the number of eyeshadows consumers need to buy in order to get a color palette of their choice totally FREE OF CHARGE.

For the new color palette Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic chose the Make-up Book by Mktg industry, a revolutionary solution, entirely “Made in Italy” and designed specifically for pressed-powders and hot poured make-up formulas. Mktg Industry has developed a new version of its already famous Make-up Book made with special white foam coupled with 4 colors printed cardboard, shiny lamination, a magentic base for refills and a magnetic closure. Mktg Industry design team has also supported the customer by creating all the graphics of the palette and of the 4 different outside wrap bands. The idea was to meet the different moods and tastes of the makeup lovers, to give them the possibility to create their own color palette and to collect them all !!!

The Make-Up Book, designed and developed by Mktg Industry, is an altogether versatile and innovative packaging solution. Made in cardboard paired with a special sponge and available with or without magnetic closure and with or without a customized outside wrap band, the Make-Up Book works as primary and secondary packaging all in one solution.Light, anti-shock to protect the contained product, highly customizable it is the perfect packaging solution to create Compact Cases and Palettes of any size and shape.

Mktg Industry and Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic gave life to a utterly unique product, destined to enter the “wish list” of the most fashionable and demanding customers.


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