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Mktg Industry introduces “Metal Drops”

Precious drops of light with metallic reflections for an astonishing illuminating effect like a real super star.

Mktg Industry launches “Metal Drops” an illuminating makeup designed to combine the "Metal" effect, according to the latest fashion makeup trends with the emerging need to have a product that is Natural, Vegan, Safe & Non Toxic, Clean & Conscious, using ingredients from Organic Farming, with No Animal components or derivates, Gluten Free, Palm Oil Free and absolutely Cruelty Free.

A Natural based formula that guarantees the same top performances of high quality traditional recipes and that by using organic ingredients such as vegetal Tocopherol (Vitamin E) also acts as an high antioxidant and protects the skin from free radicals and damages caused by UV rays.

Just a single drop of “Metal Drops” is enough to illuminate specific areas of your face and body (cheekbones, eyes, nose, lips, cupid’s bow, neck, collarbones) to create extraordinary luminescent effects, or just a few drops mixed with your usual makeup products (primer, moisturizer, foundation) to get a more homogeneous shine.

"Metal Drops" is offered in Full Service by Mktg Industry with two different 15 ml glass packagings, both with dropper and wiper, a ready-to-market solution, easy and confortable to use, a true concentrate of gloss and beauty.

A product Naturally Made in Italy using the best ingredients from Mother Nature and specifically designed for Naturally-minded women.


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