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 “For us Cosmoprof/Cosmopack is the most important appointment of the year, it’s where we introduce our latest news, ideas, concepts, and it’s where we meet, all at once, most of our clients and new contacts from all over the world. For Mktg Industry this one was the 4th edition, I remember when we first started in 2015 with a little 12 sqm booth and now, after only 3 years, here we are with a 60 sqm stand, a brand-new image and new design. The show was a total success beyond our expectations, yes we already had about 110 scheduled appointments but, at the end of the 4 exhibition days, we have made almost 450 meetings, some of which even on Sunday morning, and that was a real pleasant surprise! Now this are big numbers for a little company like ours, and if we will be capable of turning into orders even just a small percentage of all this contacts, than we could definitely say that it has been a super successful show. Let’s cross our fingers.” states Stefano Focolari, CEO and Managing Director of Mktg Industry. 

During Cosmoprof/Cosmopack 2018 the Italian company introduced a larger number of new products. “We have expanded our range of cardboard packaging introducing Powder Power makeup cardboard palettes for pressed powders, hot poured formulas and baked powders. Our palettes are fully customizable in any size, number of positions, insides and decorations and they are available with or without mirror in the inside. Powder Power palettes are all made with magnetic closure and they are available with or without magnetic base for refills. Speaking about refills we can’t not mention our Flatty and Paper Case packagings. Two solutions that always generate interest in our clients. These practical and multifunctional packaging designed to occupy the smallest possible space can be used either to exchange refills or to carry around your favourite makeup powder. These super flat on-the-go packaging are totally made in cardboard and paper, 100% Made in Italy and totally customizable in terms of sizes, shapes, diameters and decorations” continues Focolari.

Following the current trend of cardboard palettes, Mktg Industry designed a brand-new conceptual and innovative packaging: The Powder Power DIY Palette. “It revolutionizes the concept of traditional cardboard palettes by introducing a “Do-It-Yourself” experience. This palette is composed by two parts held together by a sliding system that works with 4 magnets inserted under the paper. The sliding system allows to open and close the palette by simply sliding it, and also to separate the skin-cover from the base and at the same time to easily reassemble them according to taste, look, occasion or mood. This means that both parts can be combined together in an endless number of combinations to choose from. Basically the final consumer can choose the base with the makeup powders inside in different colors, diameters, number of positions, etc., and then she can choose the skin-cover she likes the best, and simply slide them together. Powder Power DIY Palette is the first and only totally customizable by the final consumer makeup packaging” states Focolari. 

Mktg Industry also introduced “Collezione Gea” a complete line of packaging for makeup, that perfectly mixes cardboard, paper and plastic to create innovative packaging solutions. A solution that allows to create an endless number of decorations with no limitations of colors and printing and at the same time allows to be more respectful of the environment. “The idea was to reduce to the minimum the use of plastic by replacing it as much as possible with cardboard and paper. The new Gea Collection includes: compact cases, lip glosses, lipsticks and mascara packaging solutions” states Stefano Focolari. 

But Mktg Industry’s products news are not over yet. The Italian company completed its offer of traditional packaging with new lip glosses and cosmetics tubes. “We have introduced a new selection of lip glosses in PETG with high thick walls and bottoms, with different capacities and shapes, from cylindrical to squared design, and with a wide range of applicators to choose from. And last but not least, thanks to a new exclusive partnership agreement we launched on the market two different lines of tubes for cosmetics and makeup: plastic tubes and laminate tubes with fast delivery times, and both available in different capacities and with different capsules. At this point our packaging and 360° Full Service offer is complete, we cover all the product categories with “unconventional” solutions like cardboard, paper, and aluminium primary packaging and with “conventional” solutions for makeup and skin care: lip glosses, mascara, lipsticks, compact cases, tubes, etc. ” Focolari concludes. 

Mktg Industry is now able to propose different solutions for every need, offering a selection of “the best of” in the cosmetics and makeup market.


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