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BAIMS Natural Makeup chooses Paper Case Made in Mktg Industry

BAIMS Natural Makeup opted for Mktg Industry’s Paper Case to launch its new refill powders. The Italian cosmetics & makeup product solutions provider developed a 100% Made In Italy packaging entirely made in cardboard and paper following the Brazilian-German beauty brand philosophy of protecting nature and environment.

BAIMS represents a real natural alternative to conventional makeup brands, offering high-quality organic cosmetic products proposed in a wide range of elegant and modern refills packaging for face powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks and cream foundations that enable consumers to reduce waste and to be eco-friendly by using natural, Clean&Consciuos cosmetic products. As a matter of facts protection of nature and environment, responsibility to the customer and ethical behaviour play an essential role in BAIMS’ philosophy. All the ingredients they use are organic-certified by Ecocert and the entire collection is “Cruelty Free” and 100% vegan, certified by “The Vegan Society”. 

Mktg Industry perfectly understood the vision of the brand and has supplied a “green”, top-quality packaging solution. Paper Cases made in Mktg Industry are specifically designed for refills, entirely made in cardboard and paper and totally customizable in terms of sizes, shapes, colors and decorations. They are available with a transparent customizable window on the front to show the color nuances inside and with a hole on the back to codify directly the back of godets. BAIMS teamed up with the Italian company to develop a new super flat, paper packaging with transparent squared window in PET on the front, designed in two different versions: Paper Case Small for Eyeshadows and Paper Case Large for Satin Mineral Blush, Mineral Pressed Powder, Mineral Bronzer&Countour and Translucent Pressed Powder. 

The successful collaboration between Baims Natural Makeup and Mktg Industry gave birth to a cool and trendy makeup packaging, that is at the same time conscious and respectful of the environment. 

For more info about Baims Natural Makeup: www.baims.de


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